Ramming Mass

Ramming Mass

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India's largest producer of high ramming mass. The trusted name that we have achieved in the market is due to our effective range of  Ramming Mass that is highly beneficial while steel melting through induction furnace. To ensure the quality standard of this acidic ramming mass, we test ramming mass in compliance with industry standards. The  Ramming Mass has tendency to expand at about 800°C and this characteristic gives a very compact lining, showing high resistance to erosion. From our material steel furnaces can save huge amount on account of extra lining life.  More production with less electricity consumption is the basic feature using our ramming mass.  our company is Listed at Bombay Stock exchange, which is the first company in india listed at any stock exchange producing rammingmass. we are producing material from fully automatic ramming mass producing plant.  our;s is the first plant in india, producing the product from fully automatic plant.

Features :-

  • Al2O3 - 0.02%
  • Free from Iron contents
  • Softening Point - 1880 C
  • Porosity : 50